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Women, Texas, Abortion, Modernized Slave Catching, Caste, and Cruelty

I was aware that in the American caste system, women are down the rungs quite a ways. I wasn't sure how far until now.

For Texas to go full-on "Bounty-hunter..." encouraging people to spy, pry, hunt, trap personal information in a impersonal web interface, to capture, and then bring to trial, for a minimum $10,000 reward, plus payment of court fees... to go vigilante on fellow Texans... Americans... Females exercising sovereignty over their body... and anyone who helps them... turning Women's "Inalienable Rights," into privileges... not to mention personal rights to privacy is beyond anything any sane person could possibly imagine. Are people so not educated in American History to not understand this is a repurposed, and revised version of "Slave catching?"

Slave catching was an entire industry. This is the part of "Southern heritage," most conservatives selectively gloss over, with quintessential southern pride, and smile. It had a perverse sense of identity, and exaggerated self-righteous morality. This is odd as women are relegated a subservient role, regarded as a tool, to serve at the pleasure of their masters... the patriarchy infused with toxic masculinity. The Handmaids Tale is no longer a fiction.

Viewing women as property, rather than as unreservedly equal, is to be a collaborator in the causes and conditions of suffering, summarized in the form and desperate use of coat-hangers. These attitudes and actions, do indeed make women functionally slaves, whose primary function is to breed more slave babies for the American caste system. With no fundamental rights regarding bodily autonomy, this is another indicator of relapsing into an aspect of our culture that we've failed to heal; as we've ignored doing our deep work.

Why? We'll never really know. We can however ask, what does it cost to set aside, and minimize healthy character, traded off for money, power, property, prestige, and self-righteousness. What's uglier still is that many other States leaning conservative are now salivating over what they have found to be a blueprint for oppression and domination. This has the sad result of turning any woman into a potential fugitive, that will have to try to outrun well incentivized bounty hunters. Conservatives continue to make a wasteland of our culture, and call it moral America.

Last thing... one's personal stories or narratives cannot overturn a woman's personal rights towards her own body. To do so is to use a version of psychological and emotional coercion, designed to strip one of a personal choice, based on your personal narrative of your own existence, irrespective of their own experience. That pretty much defines narcissism, and is nothing more than emotional and psychological panhandling.

-Rev. Seiho Mudo Morris | 清峠無道

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