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Reverend Seiho Morris, an ordained Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest, and monk. He has dedicated over three decades to formal training and practice within the tradition. His complete dharma name, Mūdō Seīhō (無道清峰), means "The Empty Flow of the universe in action upon the Clear Peak," as bestowed by his teacher, Genjo Marinello Roshi.


Rev. Seiho has also undergone formal training, received multiple empowerments, and taken vows from Vajra Master Lodrö Rinpoché in the Nyingma and Sakya lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.

Rev. Seiho conducts workshops, immersive Zen retreats, recovery intensives, dharma talks, and one-on-one mentorship sessions related to addictive disease. Additionally, he offers in-person and online seminars addressing inclusion and diversity as part of socially engaged Buddhist practice. As a member of the Zen Studies Society, Rev. Seiho leads and facilitates the monthly "Racial Solidarity Sangha" in support of their ongoing "Engaged Buddhism" initiatives.

To achieve these goals, Rev. Seiho has created an approach integrating the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path with a revised interpretation of the Twelve Step principles. This approach supports a healthy way of meeting challenges with those resistant or dismissive of inclusion and diversity. 


Rev. Seiho's writings have been featured in anthologies such as Zen Conversations and Afrikan Wisdom, as well as other Buddhist publications.

He's been in long-term recovery from addiction from addictive disease for 36 years, and in active member in recovery communities.  As a part of his Zen practice Rev. Seiho works in the field of Substance Use Disorder. Currently, he is on the senior administrative staff of a behavioral health facility in the State of Maryland. 

He can be reached at:

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