Rev. Seiho Morris | 淸峰 (Clear Peak) | is an ordained Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk, having trained and practiced in the Zen tradition for nearly three decades, as well as receiving formal training and empowerments in Tibetan Nyingma and Sakya lineages in various teachings and practices.


Seiho offers workshops and immersion Zen, Recovery as it related to addiction, and issues about the nature of Caste within American culture, applying the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path and a specifically revised expression of Twelve Step principles in an effort to support realization of our inherent Universal Identity of Loving Presence, otherwise known as Buddha-nature. He is published in two anthologies; Zen Conversations, Afrikan Wisdom, and as well as Tricycle Magazine.


He has been in recovery for 34 years and is a former addictions counselor, program director and facility administrator, and currently on the administrative team of a behavioral health facility in the State of Maryland. He regularly offers 3 and 5 day Zen and Twelve Step immersion practices.