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Who Is That True Intimate Friend?

There's a Japanese expression... Kōzan ryūsui tada chiin o tattobu (高山流水 只貴知音。). It means... In all the high peaks and the flowing waters, I value only my intimate friend.

Who is that Intimate friend... that doesn't come... that doesn't go... merely is? When we come to 360° clarity... 360° understanding... as a result of conscious and intentional effort... when we stop chasing after thoughts the mind throws, like a dog that runs after every stick thats thrown... we could accept the opportunity to finally meet our genuine and embodied Presence, instead of the representative self that treats us like an accidental side-hustle with scattered attention and awareness.

How will you know when You as authentic YOU has arrived? Let me answer a question with a question. How can you as YOU arrive somewhere You've never left? In fact can't leave... because It Is... who We authentically are. What if there was just something distracting attention that influences you to lose conscious contact with present moment Reality? That would be something, wouldn't it! True Zen rather than consumerist Zen evaporates the hallucination of "We're broken people..." "We're damaged goods..." syndrome... and there's no more wondering about the "Intimate friend," that's been us all along. Practice and Confirm.

一May We Clarify And Live Our Authentic Nature

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Peter Terpstra
Peter Terpstra
15 de out. de 2021

Love this text, dear Seiho. Thank you so much. 🙏🙏🙏

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