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What's the Foundation We're Living Our Life On? | One Addict's Practice

本| Běn | meaning root... foundation... source... or original nature.

Is it fear or love that's the foundation we live our life on? Are we using fear-based or love-based decision-making? As one predecessor put it, "How we live is how we are going to live." For me, my sponsor was able to reduce Step Ten, down to a single question... "Am I living out of my values confidently or out of fear and acting out against spiritual principles and my values; influenced by fear and mistrust that they're not going to work in my best interest?" The nature of the response usually decides my proximity to happiness and ability to be fully whole and wholly free; in the present moment.

Just for today, I'll sit down... take a few deep breaths... bring my values to mind. Next, I visualize my values as the ground that I build my life upon... that I walk, live, and encounter everyone and everything on... and after opening my eyes, I live from here, instead of from somewhere other than my values.

Calligraphy note:

本| Běn | meaning root... the foundation... source... or original nature.

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