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What's Reflected in the Mirror is the Surface Not the Depth of Reality

No matter how good or clear the reflection reflected... temporarily captured in the mirror-like nature of mind... it's still not the reality of what's being reflected. It's still a copy of some-thing... and the mind... whether intentionally or unintentionally alters what's reflected and refracted as some-thing that we refer to as so-called "Life."

To know the Reality as Reality... Sonomama (そのまま)... what's so-called "Before," touching the mirror-like nature of mind... there's one more step. Who is It... What is It... that "See's," "Perceives," and "Experiences" the mirror-like nature of mind? Not two! Not one! Zero! Realize ground zero and stabilize the view.

If you still need a hint... how does or could the oceanic presence see or know itself through a refracted reflection within a wave on the surface? Zazen! Zazen! Zazen! Notice!

一We All the Practice Itself

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