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We have more than hoping for change... we're the experience of change Itself...

As our recovery progressed, we became increasingly aware of ourselves and the world around us. Our needs and wants, our assets and liabilities were revealed to us. We came to realize that we had no power to change the outside world, we could only change ourselves." 一NA Basic-Text

The Steps and Traditions don't work by magic. They work as a result of humility, willingness and effort to actively change our relationship with self-centered ideas and attitudes.

Living based on self-obsession and self-centered ness kept us reliant on defects of character to try and force life to bend to wants, demands, and unrealistic expectations, instead of us meeting Reality on its terms.

We've been learning how to progressively behave ourselves into new ways of Being and thinking, to the best of our ability. Humility, which in its original meaning comes from the word "Humus," to be rooted in the ground, instead of being caught up in our head, can be a powerful friend in our growth, especially when paired with willingness, and effort.

As a result of working and living the Five previous Steps, we have gained a lot of awareness and made changes that are more than just saying "No," to drugs. New awareness and healthy action has helped us to become progressively more ready, to allow Love to remove the illusions the disease has about our character, and Nature that is Living on Its own terms.

Just for today... We can practice Step Six, by taking Another Look, identifying spiritual principles and values we intend to use to guide our life. We take the time to pray, meditate, build bridges of understanding and deepen our courage, commitment, and motivation to use them in our present time experience.

Calligraphy Note: 滋 | Shigē | growth

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