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Traveling Lighter from a Cluttered Mind

Sometimes when I take my seat to meditate, my head after a few moments goes forward like I've fallen asleep. When I notice, I realize it's because I'm weighed down with an endless array of thought simulations playing in my head, leaving me dazed out.

My response is to straighten my posture, lift my head, open my eyes wide, and bring my attention to The Awareness rather than my body. Instantly it's similar to an airplane taking off on a rainy day, and all of the sudden its wings break through the clouds... and there's endless sunlight shining upon an ocean of clouds, and I have a sense of being lighter and alert.

From that conscious and intentional decision, followed by positive action, the result is it's so much easier to show up *As* my values, than when I just leave myself planted in the clutter thoughts. When we let go... stop holding on... we're no longer dragged.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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