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To the Best of Our Ability

For me the definition of a Buddhist is one who intentionally commits to adhering to principles related to Universal Loving Presence, based in goodwill and creative action that lends itself to being fully whole and wholly free.

When I get separated from my values and my vows, though I may not be acting buddhistically by my personal definition, I'm still a Buddha... Universal Identity of Loving Presence. That never changes.

That said as soon as I notice the discrepancy between my values, and/or vows, I instantly resume my practice with them and appreciate that I can reestablish conscious contact with them. That doesn't make me a good or bad person. It simply reminds me that I'm human and choosing to the best of my ability to live a program of healing that no longer involves hurting myself or others on a spectrum... Just for today.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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