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The Ultimate Lesson of the Midterms: Our Relationshioship Status with Immaturity

While so many are cheering that the Democrats didn’t get “Crushed” or somehow managed to ”Outrun history,” the reality points to our societal failure.

In principle, if our society was healthy, the Republicans would’ve not been able to win a single seat, especially given the abject failure across the board of incumbent republicans' refusal to honor their oath of office, much less all the dishonorable and despicable anti-democratic behavior of the last six years.

Rather than joy, I’ve felt nauseous, like I want to vomit, for the last 3 days. Despair is something I’ve been sitting with for a minute as a POC. When are we gonna grow up as a culture and get beyond our immaturity? Never.

As an addict in long-term recovery from addiction, I've seen and known that sustained despair is one of the worst things that can happen. Why? Because it's the persistent and pervasive thought that things will always be this way and never get better. Put more succinctly, a scenario is hopeless, which America likely is, were we to get brutally honest about it.

Comically, I was offered a counterargument by Reality… “Never despair, but if you do, work on in despair.” May it be so, and as one of my dearest friends says, "Stay fugitive… Stay truant… Stay in integrity… Stay as Love", despite the sadness and disappointment that we remain so aggressively pathetic as a society. We’re not in a hole by accident. We have actively worked to stay stuck, drunk on tribalism.

一When We Fear Less We Will Love More

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