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The Relationship of Zen and our Intuitive Nature

From the Zen perspective, thinking and text messaging are very similar. While it's okay to get around the basic terrain of reality, it's still highly prone to creating mistakes and mis-takes, because thinking and texting are layers between ourselves and experience, requiring interpretation of what's happening, not the reality itself.

That's why the word "Misunderstanding" is in the dictionary. Its ultimate meaning is misperceiving circumstances, AKA Reality, with the tendency to create pain for ourselves and/or others. This is why we try to avoid misunderstanding how we relate to self, others, and Reality.

This is where Zen meditation comes in. Rather than having attention and awareness locked in on thoughts produced from the wave-generating machine of mind, we consciously and intentionally bring attention and awareness to harmonizing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual posture, regulating that relationships with our breathing... which perhaps could be considered the fifth aspect of posture.

In my experience, what naturally and spontaneously occurs is conscious contact with my intuitive nature... seeing beyond the verge of sight... hearing beyond the range of sound... feeling beyond the range of thinking... embracing Reality as a single glance of Universal Loving Presence.

This intuitive... empathic experience influences my understanding of reality... the part I'm playing at that moment... and, by extension... how I relate to so-called You. For me, it's the ultimate form of principle before personality... with a lasting taste and flavor of unity that is more poetical and logical.

It reminds me of the first "Star Wars" movie when the characters are in the millennium falcon. Obi-Wan Kenobi puts the helmet on Luke Skywalker's head to shield his ability to see and says... "Reach out with feelings..." not our text messaging and thinking. Then there's no difficulty whatsoever, as the movie's storyline goes. The same could be said for us when we are in harmony with the five postures and experience them in depth. This is my direct and repeatable experience of Zen.

一We All Share the Same Earth and Sky

Calligraphy Note:

直感 | Chōkkān | Direct feeling and understanding arising from our inherent intuitive nature.

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