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The Ocean and the Innumerable Waves on the Surface Share the Same Karma

The gift of Zazen is that by stilling our body... our attention making conscious contact with Reality rather than thinking... we have the opportunity to notice karma... cause and effect... as a singularity of one continuous and flowing action, that despite thinking my karma is mine and your karma is yours, they're entangled, like it or not.

In This Way once we drop attention below the surface waves of thought, shifting attention to our singular oceanic presence, as a result of meditation practice, we can notice our seamless connection.

From this perspective compassion... that we're all in This together... makes a lot more sense, and we're invited to not only invest in our "Personal well-being," but that of so-called "Others," because functionally we are one being with innumerable manifestations, sharing in the same quantum force of consciousness... that's beyond what our shallow egos might image life actually is.

一Reverence and Awe,

Calligraphy Note;

因果 | Inga; meaning Karma... action... Cause and effect.

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