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Secrets and Intimate Lies… And The Heart of Realness

This post comes with a trigger warning. I’m discussing “Family secrets,” my experiences of trauma that I experienced at the hands of others as a kid, and how I held those as secrets and had to discover my path to break free of the things that haunted me once I got clear. It’s not a particularly happy conversation… but it was a process that resulted in that for me. 一We All Share the Same Sky


JFT... Secrets and Intimate Lies I once asked my sponsor...

"What is the limit of our freedom in recovery... our healing?" The response was... "The extent that we hold our most cherished secrets and most intimate lies. "

That response f'd me up for about four months as a youngling in recovery. I had quite a catalog... and as I reflected on them, I realized what a burden they were... and that in the end, they only gave my disease ammunition against me, cause it could always say to me... "I see you laughing and chilling with those people... but just remember... I know your secrets that they don't... you better be nice to me."

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