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Reflection on Awakened Mind

In Zen when we share about "Buddha Nature" or "Mind" and "waking up," we're not not not talking about something between the eyebrows.

Awareness... Consciousness... has no edge. Awakening doesn't have a GPS location. It's not like you can sit down on a meditation cushion or chair... somehow drive to It, step out of the car of self and say... "I've arrived! I'm here! Damn that was a long drive!" We can't "get to" what we already are... but we can notice It when we pay attention and thinking mind doesn't disrupt our ability to feel genuine Reality.

How is this done? We pause... stop... sit... breathe... listen... and Notice... stopping, dropping, meditating and putting out the fire of selfing... experiencing ourselves as Universal Loving Presence... our Original nature... instead of what's projected by thinking mind that's ceaselessly trying to control everything and everyone it encounters. In the heart sutra it says beyond, beyond, thoroughly beyond, the interface of thinking mind; that's very feel-able and beyond thinking minds ability to comprehend.

一Reverence and Awe

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