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Profound Circle of The Way

In the Great Way of the ancestors engaging our inherent Universal Identity of Loving Presence, there is an unsurpassable practice that ceaselessly flows. There is zero gap between awakening aspiration, practice, completeness, and serenity. Ceaseless practice is the flowing circle of the Way.

In This profound Way, It does not depend on individual acts of cleverness nor is It given to you from others considered spiritual masters. It is sincere practice, that does not give up on oneself or so-called others. The virtue and wholesomeness of This ceaseless practice cares for All Beings.

Essentially, our ceaseless practice fills the Universe, influencing everything by Its wholesome nature that is completely complete. Although we may be unaware of It, It still occurs, whether thinking mind “gets it” or not.

一Zen Master Dōgen Kigen

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