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Please Don't Miss It

"Stare at reality face-to-face, without blinking, and become yourself with open eyes. This is Buddha’s practice

一Dainin Katagiri, Dai Osho

Being alert and mindful of

present moment experience...

Observe! Listen! notice!

thoughts arise and fall

as the wings of a butterfly...

intentions arise and fall

as the wings of a butterfly...

actions arise and fall

as the wings of a butterfly...

Shogyomujo! Impermanence!

Zazen! Joriki! Mindfulness!

Please abide as 360° awareness...

Pay attention... Watch... Discern...

This continuous Now as Now.

We are Buddha watching Buddha...

Universal identity of Loving Presence

observing Universal identity of Loving Presence.

We could be aware of our Awareness-nature

that is neither coming or going...

shapeless, sizeless, ageless, tireless.

Please do not miss It!

This in my experience... this is a pretty good posture to use. Having clarity and conscious contact with Endless dimension Universal Life that's flowing within Us... all around Us... through Us. The invitation is to take it for a 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 minute test drive. It's through application and understanding that It works! Be convinced by your own experience.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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