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Original Presence

Now! Notice your universal Buddha nature (Loving Presence) —but you are standing on the solid earth. The western scholars who translate Buddhist sutras have an entirely wrong conception. We do not need to read books but to very simply bring our attention back to Original Reality. We do not return home. We've always been Home, right at this very moment.

Our practice is like smelling salts, waking us from unconsciousness, so we notice where we indeed are instead of where our delusions pretend us to be. Zazen is communing with the source, traveling the pathways, embracing the territory, and treasuring the road.

一Sokei-an Sasaki

Calligraphy Note:

源 | Gen

Which means... Origin... Source... Root... or perhaps Original home... rather than the shabby delusion of money, power, property, and prestige that blinds so many to Reality and Its Way.

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