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One Continuous Mistake and Mis-Take

Most societal problems result from two basic things… 1) an unhealthy relationship with one’s mind and how we relate to thoughts, resulting in a distorted relationship with self, others, and the environment. 2) Capitalism... or what I call Poverty-ism, the artificial method of controlling, embargoed resources as a means of gaining control and dominance over the lives of people; as a result of an unstable relationship with one’s mind. The system progressively degrades our shared lack of ability to relate to reality as Reality, accepting to live in a kind of virtual reality that tends towards meaninglessness.

If we accept the basic reality that we’re living in a universe with trillions of stars... and though there are likely to be other forms of life we may or may not understand, we are the only planet with all the causes and conditions for our version of life that we’ve discovered... we’re consistently making some terrible f*@!ing choices, given the miracle we are living in. We’re smart, but clearly not wise... which is why in the end, we’re going to destroy ourselves through war... connected to capitalism and unstable relationships with the mind... unless we do something intentionally healthy.


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