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Not Interfering With Our Buddha Presence

常公佛心 | Tsunekō Busshin

We are always Buddha Presence.

Buddha Presence... Loving, generous, ethical, patient, intentional, concentrated, wisdom nature of Divine Essence... our endless dimensional universal DNA... that's a given. It's who we are, though we may not be manifesting it with decisively with, depth, and clarity. It's here right now. It isn't really created. It cannot be destroyed either. It's shogyomujo... it's endless dimension transformational presence. If we believe otherwise, we're high or drunk on ego's self-obsessed, self-centered relationship with its own image and imagining.

It's not different than waves that coalesce on the surface of the ocean. So to with our human body. And like a wave that collapses when the causes and conditions that manifested its expression weaken or de-energize in that particular and peculiar way, the same goes for us.

Whether we actively or passively ignore This reality, is something altogether different and based on the relationship that we develop with the side effect known to us as ego or mind.

In this light, it would be a fair statement that zen practice trains the mind not to interfere with our Buddha Presence, because of its fears, cravings, and delusions, just like the waves do not harm or fundamentally affect the overall Oceanic Presence.

Zazen Zazen Zazen! (re)align! sit! breathe! pay-attention and notice eternal Buddha-nature that is simply here, rather than somewhere else! There's no waiting in line or raincheck issued for It to show-up or emerge later! That's 100% unnecessary. It's right here and right Now! Please give yourself a break, harmonizing physical, mental, emotional and aspirational presence, confirming This for yourself. Zen has no interest in philosophy... only Reality. When we come to clarity we stop placing personality and selfishness before honor, compassion, authenticity and integrity, and consistently actualize principles before and above personality. Please confirm what is already You as genuine YOU!

一We Are the Practice Itself

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