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Equanimity Practice

Just mindfulness and concentration do not constitute meditation; equanimity must be a constant ingredient…” 一Dr. Daw Thynn Thynn

And sooo… equanimity phrases that can be recited and lived as a moment to moment, moving meditation practice…

• To the best of my ability… May this breath that comes to me… that goes from me be met without making judgments or conclusions.

•To the best of my ability… May I give myself permission to take a temporary vacation from judging myself and others body… level of intelligence… demeanor… clothing… right or wrong side of the tracks… title… or worthiness to exist.

• To the best of my ability… May I meet myself and others with a calm noticing mind, free from being judgmental or dissecting the intentions and actions of myself or others and "Figure it out."

• To the best of my ability… May this moment be met free from having to have my personal preferences perfectly met, with a calm presence.

May all beings... including myself experience and embody goodwill and creative action to the best of our capacity and ability.

一Dignity and Grace

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