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Delusion as Delusion: Boiling Sand Will Not Make Rice

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Questioner: I want to be able to see through my delusion, and experience enlightenment.

Seiho: delusion being delusion... illusion being illusion... how could you possibly see through what doesn't exist in the first place? We cannot get out of, into, or see through something that's not actually happening. Thoughts, arising from seemingly no-where are creating false narratives... stories... and we play along. We’re just kinda pulled along cause it sounds so real in our head.

Q: WTF! I never thought of that!

S: Which "i" are you talking about? The intellectual lawyer "i" that's always stirring shit up, trying to win cases, or the intuitive "I" that just is? The intellectual lawyering "i" won't let us see, Reality as it is while. We’re shown "reality," as it wants us to see it. That's kinda the job of ego. It's producing its version of the Truman virtual reality show.

Zen Master Muso Kokushi said: “If you cultivate spiritual practice with this mind... you‘re stuck in, "I want to see through delusion mind..." poverty mind... addiction mind..., your chasing after something to become "Enlightened," may become another activity of going through the motions, but it will not get you to the source, just as boiling sand will not make rice, no matter how long you cook it; you will only get hot sand, not rice.”

That's It! We are already at the Source. We are already Buddha... Universal Identity of Loving Presence. We don't notice that, cause we’re often too busy chasing, and validating stories about what we and life are not. It's a real bummer for us, but ego likes it a lot.

Q: Then what do I do?

S: Nothing... other than sit, breathe, listen, and Notice what's actually happening, instead of what the thoughts, and people are telling you that's happening. Once we notice what's actually going on, we get a whole different set of choices... meaningful one's rather than meaningless.

Q: Damn.

S: Zen is epically anti-climatic. (Laughter)

一We Are the Practice Itself

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