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Dear citizens of Kentucky...

Dear citizens of Kentucky,

I would like you Kentuckians to remember… it was Mitch McConnell‘s manipulation and interfering with protocol that allowed him to steal two very consequential seats on the United States Supreme Court. He didn't have that power by accident. The citizens of Kentucky either voted for him directly or indirectly by not voting. There weren't enough healthy and wise-minded votes to replace the man that enjoyed the title of "Grim Reaper."

Given what you're seeing from the January 6th Committee, how do you think and feel now about him maneuvering Republican senators not to vote to impeach trump that second time around? Oh, that's right. You don't watch the news and aren't interested in facts, cause you're too busy being a "Rugged individualist," stocking up on military-style weapons and guns; praying, and trying to engineer a "Race war."

Now everything is on the table. As of today, Clarence Thomas is showing himself to be a legislator rather than a person of the judiciary. Specifically, he is now saying he wants to revisit the ability for women to use contraception, as well as same-sex intimacy and marriage rulings. They already decided to cast more weapons in the street that people can schlep around unregulated, and use public tax money to fund religious schools that pay no taxes, in this latest legislative session. By that logic, every day is an upside-down day.

How can this happen? It's because Kentucky keeps resending an unprincipled, unethical person... with an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars, in a State ranked as the 47th Poorest out of 50 States, over and over again. Is it because he's your "Southern heritage and pride?" Is Mitch helping any of you people in Eastern Kentucky who are digging coal out of the ground in the winter, regardless of whether they're White or Black? How's the air-conditioning unit doing this summer? What is it costing you to keep enabling a person who obviously is not doing anything to make your life better? In fact... because of putting him in office, there are people from Kentucky that actively have made everyone else's life harder, including their own. No thank you for that.

And if you happen to be one of those people that say "But this is what Jesus wanted..." please contemplate the words separation of Church and State. I'm very definitely not a Christian and you have no right to impose your religious values upon me just like I don't have the right to impose them upon you, through the force of law. That's called theocracy and that's the shit that the Taliban do. I'm not interested in living under some sort of Christian system of law, that's allegedly handed down by an invisible guy in the sky. By the way, did you know that Thomas Jefferson literally cut and edited shit out of his Bible, because he personally thought some of it was obviously bullshit? Fact check that! For so many people claiming to know God's will, it's striking how many people are harmed in the process.

Last thing... this new trend of not giving a woman any choices, no matter what the age, in cases of rape or incest... and in some states like Ohio, give the rapist parental rights... That's utterly vile... and could be the perfect description of malice and evil.

// Rev. Mudo Seiho Morris

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