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Dave (Daiki) Gordon

On the last adventure to Seattle, there was an endless array of discoveries, reconnections, and acknowledgments. One was related to Dave (Daiki) Gordon. Coming out of zazen, I noticed his picture, at the altar that holds kanzeon... the Bodhisattva of compassion. I was shocked and saddened at the same time. Tears came to me without difficulty, as I held his image.

Daiki could be easily translated as profound energy or power... great energy or power... vast energy or power. Dave was indeed all of these ways of understanding. Human-being... husband... father... friend... mountaineer... author... a person who laughed easily... and one who exhibited a gentle, kindness, and warmth, at each encounter. I genuinely experienced him as a friend.

I cannot tell you how many times, opening the Zendo at Choboji in the evening, he would set up his chair, place his rakusu on his head, and recite the verse of the kesa quietly...

Vast is the robe of liberation, A formless field of benefaction. I wear the Buddha's teaching For the benefit of all sentient beings.

Hai! Hai! Hai! With fierce dignity and grace, he would take his seat, and engage the posture of Zazen, not being deterred by his illness. He was a person of great faith and determination. I must say, he helped to give me a new understanding or perspective of what it could mean to manifest nobility.

This evening Genjo Marinello, Roshi will be conducting the 49th Day ceremony at Choboji, in the evening. The kesa that Genjo Roshi will wear upon his shoulder, is something that Daiki deeply cared for. Through this ancient ceremony, something essential is honored. What that is cannot be expressed intellectually. I have nothing but reverence and awe for This practice.

Life and death are truly of supreme importance. Time does move swiftly like an arrow, and when not attentive to the Reality of this great matter, a vast array of opportunities can be passed through without awareness or appreciation and missed out on. As Genjo Roshi would say repeatedly to all of us... the Universe is calling out to us from all directions. It could be a pity not to realize This! Wake-up!

Daiki was very clear about This matter. I appreciate ya, buddy!

--Namu Dai Bosa!

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