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Being Without Distance

What is the nature of Zen... Reality? Nothing is truly separate. No distance... No gap... No space... No time.

One of the more difficult experiences that I needed to work through whether I was still or moving was not to get so seduced... hypnotized... infatuated... distracted... by thought that prevented me from truly tasting Reality as Reality. Before working that out, everything was tasting the menu, expecting the actual meal. No wonder I was frustrated and disappointed most of the time.

What is the Reality before thinking mind labels, categorizes, and packages present moment experience? Sit Zazen and discover for your authentic Self. When there's no separation there's no separation. It could be then that we start to naturally rather than awkwardly flow with what is.

一We Are the Practice Itself

Calligraphy note:

無隔 | Mū Kakū | Being without separation

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