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Zazen and the Ethos of Compassion

When we see statues of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, their eyes are always open, faces conveying compassion and kindness with energetic warmth. There is something meaningful displayed and modeled.

Zazen lacking kindness or compassion is like sunlight without warmth. We could be mindful and kind - "kindful" - in our posture, facial expression, how our face feels, our voice and speech, the manner in which we meet ourselves and others, even how our forehead meets the floor when we bow, the flow of our actions. This isn't to be a faux Buddha, but to practice embodying our Original Nature as Universal Loving Presence in its completeness.

一We Are the Practice Itself

Calligraphy note: 慈 | Jī | is often expressed as Loving-kindness or compassion referring to a genuine concern for the well-being of all beings and a desire to alleviate their suffering within ourselves and so-called other.

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