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You Are the Flow Itself

流... Ryū... Flow encapsulates harmonious fluidity - a rhythmic sync with the pulse of our experience and the universe. This is a core principle rooted in the practice Zen and The Tao.

When we sit in zazen, you let your breath ebb and flow, just as waves rise and fall on the ocean. You remain still, yet you move with time. This is the essence of Ryū, an expression of the cosmic dance between stillness and motion, order and chaos, self and non-self.

Intertwined is "No-thinking," or "Mushin" - not mindlessness, but a mind unconstrained by unnecessary thought. It allows direct, unfiltered presence.

Thoughts are similar to stones disrupting calm waters. Don't suppress them in zazen. Observe without judgment, letting them dissolve and return to no-thing-ness - unhindered flow.

In the Way of our experience, Ryū means surrendering to the universe's flow with ease and grace. We could move with life's unfolding rather than controlling it and bend it to craving minds perfectionism. the invitation is to [BE] the river Itself, flowing around obstacles with natural spontaneity.

This flow is purposeful, guided movement, not passivity or bypassing. It is something more than thinking mind can comprehend.

Living as Ryū's spirit is being like bamboo - bending with the wind yet resilient. Adapt to change by moving with it. We could allow relationships to flow naturally in an expression of interdependence. Compassion and empathy become natural through realizing our interconnectedness.

Ryū and No-thinking mean fully present awareness without judgment, embracing transience without attachment. It's flowing with the Tao in every moment.

We realize we're not separate from the flow; We are the Flow Itself. Life unfolds through each of us in It's own Way, based on our karma, profound connection where self and universe merge as Zero.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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