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You Are Not A Broken Arrow of Self

If an arrow is bent, it's difficult for the arrow to naturally fly straight. Many people have been or are convinced by the conditioning of society... internal conversations with thoughts... perhaps by traumatic events... perhaps others... that in some way we are bent, damaged or broken arrows, forever doomed to failure on a spectrum. It's a kind of pessimism.

Through the practice zen, aligning and harmonizing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual posture, we can discover... perhaps notice... that our inherent Buddha nature... Universal Identity of Loving Presence nature is unbendable... unbreakable... incorruptible... indestructible.

In reality the so-called arrow nature isn't bent... cannot be bent... and will never be bent. It's the false sense of self... thoughts wiggling their way into our line of sight and attention, bumping the hand of awareness, influencing the arrow in directions it was not intended to go. That's a very different thing than holding the false idea of being eternally broken, damaged or bent. Zazen!

一We Are the Practice Itself

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