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Will We Act as a Descendant of Narcissus or Buddha?

In my experience, the inner Jedi of Zazen is the practice of 'That' which appears to be 'observing' watchfully observed by attention; without leaning one way or another.

Zen Master Lin-Chi, also widely known as Rinzai, once elucidated, "Do you know where the disease lies which keeps you learners from reaching [true understanding]? It lies where you have no faith in your Self. When faith in your Self is lacking, you find yourselves hurried by others in every possible way. At every encounter, you are no longer your master; you are driven about by others this way and that.

All that is required is all at once to cease leaving your Self in search of something external. When this is done you will find your Self no different from the Buddha or the Ancestors."

But what is the capital 'S' Self to which Rinzai refers? Is it, in fact, the 'Capitol'? Authentic love possesses a fierce quality. Recognize it! Embrace It honesty! Be genuinely real. Drop pretense and perfectionism! Zazen!

Otherwise, the disease — addiction of mind, self-obsession, the small-self infatuated with itself, akin to Narcissus — will persist in manipulating you like a meat puppet, trapping You in its self-reflective cycle of samsara (whirlpool of negativity and illusion that sucks one into a sense and sensations of isolation).

Will we act and live as a descendant of Narcissus or will we honor our Buddha-DNA, which could be translated as the Universal Identity of Loving Presence? We will clearly know, based on what we do, rather than what we say to ourselves and others.

一We Are the Practice Itself

Calligraphy note:

觀 | Kan | alert noticing of what Is.

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