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Whose Children Will Be Lucky Enough to Survive Our Stupidity?

Daily, we flex our stupidity as adults to the young. Refusing to get out of the way of our societal stupidity, like fashion models, we "catwalk" and strut our limitations and flaws, stemming from ignorance and hubris. Conservatives bark like dogs who have rabies... "Woke!" "CRT!" "Don't Say Gay!" "Let's go, Brandon!" "We will not be erased!" "Socialist!" They are careless and empty platitudes with zero substance or fact.

Didn't Jesus instruct them to "Love others as you would love yourself?" Nooooo! Their selfishness tells them... "what we really need are more guns... more hate... more rage... more vengeance." How's that working out for the families, friends, and colleagues that survived or are left with empty spaces within their hearts? It's too bad that they can't recollect the lesson of Jesus healing the soldier his own follower foolishly wounded. They are faithless and give the appearance of being hopeless.

While we consistently prove how clever and smart we are, it is staggeringly apparent that we are inconsistently wise. Our ongoing struggles to gain their respect consistently fall short. Why? Because we intentionally fail them, pretending to grapple with problems such as gun violence and an endless array of civil rights challenges, that conservative's tendency towards oppression has made. Though these pressing challenges require urgency, we procrastinate... ignore... or hold revenge hearings, squandering precious time that could save lives, refusing to allow our REAL problems to be meaningfully resolved.

We're at week 21... there are 52 weeks in a year... and so far, we've had 132 mass shootings this year, showing the world true American "Exceptionalism." Sadly it's exceptional impotence because of the money changers in the market that have bought politicians, selling off the lives they claim their god so ardently loves, for a hollow amendment originally created to put down slave uprisings because southerners were fearful that the Federal Government would not help them do so.

Our collective inaction and reluctance to tackle these problems in a significant manner only serve to intensify their skepticism. The reaction of the younger generation is both a natural and justified response, as they observe the unresolved issues that we, the stewards of society, have neglected to address. This realization prompts them to mistrust and holds us in a place of contempt that we have earned, because we refuse to get rid of assault-style weapons and publicly state, "Their deaths are worth keeping our weapons," having said the quiet part out loud.

--Rev. Mudo Seiho Morris

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