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What Well Are We Drinking From?

Drinking from the well of reality (sonomama: things as they authentically are), instead of the well of thought (samsara: whirlpool of thought spirals rooted in the minds fear, anger, resentment, depression, and anxiety), things tend to land differently. Reality is pure Reality, thought is the minds commentary about our experience, depending on how it is or isn't flowing, in that moment.

In the times that I was dropping the bucket in the well of thought... thinking... replaying the past... projecting about future events, it was usually was like drinking salt, and I ended up dis-located within myself and by extension others. For me personality gets way out ahead of principle. When I've returned to relying on reality as it is... without the spin... the varnish... principles become the centerpiece and personality moves to the background, and instantly the opportunity to respond in healthy ways to my circumstances appear.

What puts me at the well of reality? Having an active living mindfulness rather than mindless meditation practice... working Steps... Truth inventories... or simply asking myself how I'm doing meeting my present moment experience, to make sure I'm in conscious contact with Reality as It is.

一Friendliness With Self and Other

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