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Tip of the day - Moving Past Narrow Self Interests

We are none of us alone.

We spend so much time and energy arguing over self-serving, narrow interests. Yet we have the power to rise above petty disagreements whenever we choose. Rather than fighting endless battles for nonexistent virtues, we could redirect our efforts towards what truly matters - building understanding within ourselves and between one another.

Our life is too uncertain to waste it on divisiveness, and pole-vaulting over fly shit. There are far more constructive ways to spend our time than dissecting and arguing over small differences in perspective or ideology. When we view issues through an “us vs. them” lens, we lose sight of our shared humanity and the deeper truth that each of us, in our own way, is but a different perspective of one unified field of consciousness. Stepping into each other's shoes and cultivating the power of empathy, even for a moment, can help dissolve the immature idea that my choices and actions only affect me, and yours only affect you. I've only seen that proven wrong about 100,000 times.

None of us have a monopoly on truth (subjective experience) or wisdom (intuitive relating). With open and dialogue that leans into a willingness to be vulnerable, not editing ourselves for perfection, because we're holding space for each other so we can be messy in working towards shared discovery, in good faith communication, we can usually experience common ground. Effort requires effort. Instead of doubling down to be so-called "right" which tends to invite conflict, we could cultivate compassionate cooperation. Instead of rigidity, flexibility. Bringing to the table our diverse range of gifts and talents could accomplish our great task... to Love well... if only we work together in a spirit of mutual respect and goodwill. The choice is ours, and that's where personal responsibility and healthy character come in.

From the Zen perspective I could simply say... the narrow river empties itself, without resistance into the wide sea.

一Dignity and Grace

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