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The Pivot of Zazen: Authentic Confession to Endless Reality

Zazen practice doesn't give us anything that we already aren't. It helps us to notice 360° Universal Loving Presence as our True Nature. The thinking mind, a side-effect of the body, constantly strives to be something more or different. This creates a sense of unrest also known as money, power, property, prestige, beauty, control, winning... doing all it can to avoid poverty, powerlessness, dispossession, disgrace, ugliness, chaos, and losing, calling that "our life."

The Owner got duped by the assistant, in a hostile takeover, pretending to be what It's not. A meat puppet to the judge, jury and executioner of the negativity mind. As my sponsor likes to ask, "How's that working out for You?"

Bumpkin not Buddha to be sure. Oy vey! WTF! Error! Haven't we created enough misery for ourselves and others yet? When will enough be enough? Certainly never for the mind that abides in greed, hatred, delusion... born within its body, mouth, and thought. Zazen is the opportunity of authentic confession to Reality as Reality Itself. This is the pivot of Zen.

Just as the wake of a moving boat is never still, and the sound of a guitar string is inseparable from its vibration, the activity of the thinking mind is an inherent part of its nature. Beneath this activity lies the original undivided and indivisible nature of Awareness or Consciousness. It is always at peace.

We cannot drive a stake into a clear blue sky. Yet, it is the clear blue sky that holds all things within its nature. It remains unchanged and at peace despite the appearance of clouds, birds, or airplanes. Similarly, our original nature of Awareness or Consciousness remains as Universal Loving Presence. Even as thoughts, emotions, and experiences arise and pass within the sky-like nature of our Awareness. The sun is shining and so is Awareness as It flows and moves through provisional 'You.'

一Fearing Less We Could Love More​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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