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The Doubts

What could happen for us, if we took a day off from giving our time and attention to the minds tendency toward doubt that's usually a symptom of fear?

Whether we notice it or not, doubt is often the root cause of restlessness, irritability, discontent, disillusionment, disappointment, and disconnection. These negative emotions influence many to reactively and habitually engage in behaviors that don't lead to genuine happiness. Instead, they become addicted to the mind's doubts about themselves and others, constantly seeking relief through any means available, even if those methods prove to be destructive or temporary.

Zen practice offers a provable, evidenced based path and process to free our attention from the dis-ease and unease of mental doubts that crave and beg to be soothed.

An essential element of Zen training and practice lies in a consistent meditative process and practice toward dispelling the mind's doubts that aren't truly our own. We are encouraged to bring our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attention to a single question: What is This?

We are invited to pay close attention to this fact and not dismiss it carelessly, especially when we consider that people can hold onto an endless array of baseless and unhealthy biases, beliefs, and fundamental misinformation about Reality. These beliefs, which fuel doubt, are often the result of misunderstandings and inaccurate conclusions about our experiences.

Upon closer examination against the backdrop of Reality, these beliefs are usually provably false with little effort. Ultimately, these misguided beliefs form the fundamental building blocks and components of suffering.

By taking a vacation from doubt and engaging in Zen practice, we can step out of the mental coffin of doubt that buries us in to break the cycles of addiction to negative emotions and behaviors, allowing ourselves to experience genuine and sustainable happiness AKA friendliness with ourselves and by extension so-called 'others.'

一Happiness Could Be Today

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