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Self, seeming to be divided against itself, can be a crappy meal super-sized

How many times have we gotten into an argument... WITH OURSELVES? Who is it that we've argued with? Was it authentic Us or an aspect... a side-effect of who We are... arguing back through fear-mind that has the ability to think and make irrational insecurities seem rational, driving urges in us through anxiety and worry? How much unmanagibility can giving our attention over to that kind of toxic mental churn create in real time?

How much time have we speant... perhaps stuck in thought spirals... trying to control or defeat thoughts and the constant mental chatter generated by the fear-mind? These thoughts are simply an echo or reflection of our authentic consciousness and awareness. Trying to defeat or control them falsely assumes they have an independent, coherent existence that needs to be overcome.

Fear and related insecurities are lightning-flashs projected by an egocentric side-effect of consciousness/awareness, having no concrete reality of its own. They arise spontaneously due to causes and conditions, but have no persistent or inherent nature we can truly hold on too. They're spontaneous shape-shifters, which can make them pointless to deal with. To try to combat thoughts directly is to battle ghosts and fictional characters. They're symbols of something that doesn't exist in our present moment experience.

Meditation and mindful attention can be a healthy approach to recognize and notice the TRUE nature of thoughts. To see them clearly for what they aren't... real - they're simply the minds prediction model, sensations and reactive flexing posing in the mind. By recognizing their empty, apparent nature, thoughts lose their power over us automatically. They can continue to arise, but we do not fixate on them or confuse them for solid reality.

We come to understand thoughts as part of the natural negative threat assessment function of the mind rather than a problem that doesn't need to be solved all the time. This allows us to make peace with the thinking process while resting in the spacious awareness that lies behind it. We awaken to our authentic being, which is always present whether thoughts are active or not. No thing needs to be defeated for this recognition to occur - rather we see through the illusion of things from the very beginning.

In meditation, the invitation is to notice what comes and what goes, and what does not come and what doesn't go. When we're awake to that... we're awake to This!

一We Are the Practice Itself

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