Remaining Steady in the Present Moment Waves of Experience

Moment to moment... I am doing what I am Doing.. All the while, thoughts are coming and going, without invitation, from and through aspects within me, commenting. The comments are not just about what I am doing, but what others are doing as well, and things in general. Oftentimes it's a flow of observations, analysis, opinions, conjecture, criticisms, and suggestions rising and falling. all by themselves, attempting to move attention and awareness to where it would like me to place it; for their own reasons, as it tries to get me to act against my will and authentic nature.

I am powerless over its occurrence. I am not powerless over my response to what the mind is doing, as it does what it does. It's in the peripheral awareness of my attention, as I continue without being detoured, distracted, dislocated, or delayed, navigating the present moment of what's directly within me in the present moment, and not some other moment. In this Way, I am not riding. traveling, or trapped in a virtual reality of thought. I am being with Reality as It Is, navigating the ThisHere Now with my values, to the best of my ability.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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