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Recovery Tip of the Day: Not Letting Our Past Bite us in the Ass

For those of us in recovery, we could be honest. Our past influences us. That's undeniable. It shows up in ways we may or may-not always notice, but its always here. We're the condensed experience of our entire experience. That doesn't mean it has to control us.

Question: will we allow our past to dictate our present and future? Are we willingto be dominated by the  toxic guilt, shame, and shadow energy? If so, what does "free will" and "choice" hoestly mean? For those seeking growth and change, our past doesn’t have to define our present or our future. Countless living examples in recovery verify this fact.

We’re not broken, defective, or mistakes. Usually, we’re haven’t consciously, intentionally, and consistently addressed the causes and conditions of our suffering. The goal isn’t to avoid or eliminate our suffering but to transform it. This transformation is similar to Tonglen meditation, converting our suffering into energy that embodies compassionate authenticity and integrity by living our values. As the saying goes, “No pressure, no diamond."

Unlearning fear-based coping styles is an ongoing process. Developing healthier ways to engage with our experiences requires diligence, which can become second nature, if we do the work. Making time to identify our values, define them in meaningful ways, and connect them to our actions can bring soundness of mind to our present moment. In This Way, we deny our past the power to dominate our present. Our experiences don't have to keep us jammed up. The diamond is ours to shape from it’s natural rawness, through conscious and intetnional effort and care. The invitation is to be daring in our practice of healing, composting, assimilating, integrating and transform suffering, so that our past doesn't bite us in the ass.

—Dignity and Grace

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