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Reality as Reality

In the four-fold posture of Zazen, observe and witness thinking as thinking, the imaginary as imaginary, the storyline as storyline. Notice when you are replaying the past or projecting about the future, recognizing that these mental activities are not Reality as It is Now, but rather an overlay or blanket that attempts to alter the perception and experience of the present moment, the 'What Is'.

Instead of seeking a version of what it is that the needy/greedy mind assumes is lacking and allegedly needed, clearly notice what has never been lost, neither coming nor going, not needing to be caught and captured to attain a sense of "security". We could recognize the ever-present Reality that underlies the constructs and narratives of thinking at and about Reality, tending to turn things into what they're not.

By cultivating This Awareness and Presence, we can begin to disentangle our True Self from mind's constant attempts to create a separate reality, and instead rest in the timeless, uninterrupted flow of the Now. Being this space of clarity and acceptance, we allow ourselves to simply BE, without the need for mental contortion, elaboration or seeking. Buji (無事)!

一Thinking Less We Can Live More

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