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Not Seeking God's Will | One Addict's Experience

In recovery, people are often encouraged to "Get a relationship with god if you want to stay clean." I don't bother to seek god's will; cause, frankly, I don't believe in god and choose not to participate in ideas That aren't in sync with observable reality. To do so frequently makes a mess of things. I'm always looking at reality and ignore people's rhetoric. The reality of experience tells me everything I need to know.

What I do believe in is my values... Loving... compassion... friendliness... appreciation... respect... dignity... inclusivity... humor... generosity... patience... those values are my center of gravity... they keep me grounded... they are my points of clarity. Just for today, I will experience conscious contact with my values, circulating them through my personhood like blood, oxygen, hearing, and vision, and act in harmony with them.

--Dignity and Grace

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