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No Longer Being Tortured by Doubts

Prior to entering the stream of recovery... before the practice of Zen... I had nothing but doubt resulting in depression and anxiety. It was ceaseless doubts about myself... my ability to succeed as a person, the way my family thought I should succeed... that I was lovable cause I grew up in a family that was more likely to offer criticism than hugs. That doubt lent itself to an awkwardness where I didn't have a sense of being comfortable inside my skin.

After entering the stream of recovery and Zen... working the 12 Steps and Traditions... following the Way of the Four Truths and Eightfold path... traveling the path with kind and generous mentors willing to candidly and warmly share their experience, I squarely met myself for the first time. It's a progression and Way of Life where I was no longer abandoning myself... my feelings... my experience... and doubts dissolved.

To be without so many doubts meant to be free from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual insecurities. And to do that meant I was available to Love my life 360° which includes You as YOU, as we share the flow of the stream together.

While we can be invited to wake up, no one can work the Steps and Traditions or do truth inventories for us actively rather than passively. No one can sit in our seat and embody the posture of equanimity. That's our work... the work of hero's... which is to be free of being tortured from self-doubt and accept the reality of who we've always been... Buddha! Otherwise known as the Universal Identity of Loving Presence. We are on the same team.

一We All Share the Same Sky

Calligraphy Note:

無疑 | Mugī | No doubts

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