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Mentor Garden Zendo | Donation Box

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am currently seeking donations for three primary initiatives on behalf of Mentor Garden Zendo.

The first initiative is the ongoing refurbishment of the Zendo. Our goal is to acquire necessary items such as tatami mats, zabutons, meditation cushions, benches, and other necessary elements for the Zendo.

The second initiative is dedicated to sustaining the Mentor Garden website and providing Zen training, one-on-one guidance, and practice support. This is particularly directed towards communities that usually cannot afford access to Zen training and immersion practices, such as those recovering from addiction.

The third initiative is a planned pilgrimage to Thailand in November of 2023.

We greatly appreciate your contribution, and here are a few ways you can participate in our fundraising efforts:

Monetary donation: Every dollar truly makes a difference. Regardless of the size, your contribution will directly fund the renovation of the Zendo and support our key initiatives.

Spread the word: Please harness the power of your social networks to share our campaign. The more people we reach, the more we can achieve together.

In-kind donations: We would appreciate donations of the temple and other items the Zendo needs. These contributions are vital for the practice of Zen and related services and will ensure that retreats and intensives are well supported.

Your generosity will ensure the Mentor Garden Zendo remains a sanctuary for self-discovery and personal growth in our community.

To donate, please visit our website or click on the donation link, or get in touch with Rev. Seiho directly. Together, we can continue enriching our lives and those of our community through the practice of Zen.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

With gratitude,

Rev. Mudo Seiho Morris,

Mentor Garden Zendo

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