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Letting Go of Our Cherished Opinions

We all have our views and perspectives that we hold dear. In the practice of zazen meditation, we’re invited to sit without clinging tightly to these preconceived ideas. What might arise if, just for a moment, we release our need to be right or prove our point? If we open our awareness instead of constantly judging situations based on our preferred opinions?

Sitting in stillness gives us space to simply observe reality as it is, without filters or lenses of ego getting in the way. When we stop projecting our mental conditioning onto experiences, we may see with clear eyes. We can appreciate each moment directly, rather than constantly seeking to validate our inwardly held beliefs.

Zazen asks us to change the focus of attention to what’s happening right in front of us. To be present with what is, rather than getting lost inside stories of how we think things ought to be. It’s an exercise in gaining perspective. We realize that cherished opinions, while meaningful to us, are just mental constructs - not inherent truths.

Freedom comes in releasing attachment to fixed views and relaxing into openness.

The practice invites a gentle releasing of need to be right. It cultivates acceptance of what arises without judgment. In letting go of internally held positions on reality, space opens up for direct contact with life as It is.

Who knows what can happen when we’re not living from behind a curtain of thoughts woven of threads of opinion, judgment, regretting, projecting, guilt, shame, fear, and craving. Maybe we’ll see experience emerge within, non-grasping attention and awareness? Zazen reminds us that Reality is found by letting go of our own self created obscurations, not bolstering biases. The invitation is let go and see!

一We Are the Practice Itself

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