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Intuition and Trust

I frequently pose this question to those who practice with me: "When was the last time you had a thought that wasn't accurate or was entirely wrong?" The most common response is "All the time." Then I ask, "When was the last time your intuition misled you?" The usual replies are "Rarely" or "I can't recall." At this juncture, I often ask what could be the most critical question: "What is the cost of believing every thought that arises in your mind, yet dismissing your intuition, which is almost always right?" The answer is simple. Happiness. Peace of mind.

Thoughts can frequently be incorrect or deceptive. Why? They represent the analytical mind's best estimate, but this mind often overlooks a lot of variables because it views things from its own perspective. Our intuition, on the other hand, is generally much more accurate. It's because it takes a broader, more comprehensive view, tuning into not just what's evident but also what's less noticeable.

The common challenge for many people is discerning between a thought and an intuition. The difference, though, is simple to discern. The analytical mind functions like an internal lawyer, endlessly arguing its case, trying to convince the judge, jury, and executioner in our heads of its correctness. It tends to be harsh, demeaning, and critical, often speaking to us in the third person: "You should have..." or "Why didn't you...?" Conversely, intuition is usually non-critical and non-judgmental. It's similar to a friend offering a panoramic view, encouraging kindness.

Having said that, adopting a living meditation practice that trusts intuition over thought has been extremely beneficial. It's about allowing things to unfold organically, rather than attempting to figure everything out, or trying to fix, manage, and control our experiences.

--We Are the practice Itself

Calligraphy Note: 直感 | Chōkkān | Intuition... a direct or immediate feeling or perception, without the need for conscious reasoning or analysis.

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