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How the Mind Thinks About Us and Buying Into It Could Be our Biggest Problem

Having an experience of uninterrupted inward peacefulness... completeness... clarity... a feeling of being at True Home... This spiritual awakening arises as a result of Making the time to unfold, resolve, dissolve, penetrate, compost, assimilate and integrate what in Japanese is known as "funsō" (紛争) - our original inner conflict and unrest. This is why I often saying "We are the practice Itself."

Until we take genuine responsibility, for our inner work... which will be made clear by our actions... rather than relying on distractions to self-soothe, varying degrees of the "thinking mind's" negativity... commonly experienced as exhaustion... apathy... indifference... thinking and feeling consistently defeated... depression... anxiety... frustration... disassociation... "just going through the motions", without a sense of true meaning, we're going to eventually cross-over thinking mind's event-horizon of suffering that results in self-annihilation.

Friend and fellow human… standing in front of a mirror... looking at yourself eye-to-eye, which is more like "i to i", how do you really feel about yourself and your experience, your sense of purpose and meaning when no one's looking? What's your relationship status with kind self-acceptance, or loving yourself in a healthy way that doesn't involve stipulations and exceptions? Who are you truly without the products to prop you up when go out in public to make yourself solid than you feel? What are the things that you need to do and say that you procrastinate on cause you're scared to change, so now you settled for the suffering you know, instead of taking a chance that it could get meaningfully better?

The path to awakening involves compassionately transmuting our inner conflicts, through mindful inquiry, self-observation and integration. It's not a solitary path. It's a team effort. A distorted sense of cell cannot get out of the way of a distorted sense of self. There are jigsaw puzzle 🧩 pieces that we have to put together, so we can experience the "Big" picture instead assuming the fragments are the totality of our existence. That said perhaps, true enlightenment is no longer being in conflict with ourselves.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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