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Healing General Trauma and Unhealthy Conditioning

Rather than trying to heal generational trauma and unhealthy conditioning by myself, under the fiction that I had to be “Strong,” or I “have to” solve problems by myself… my experience is that disrupting generational trauma and unhealthy conditioning is a team effort, with those who are on my shared team of healing.

The reason is, I’m not always able to notice when that stuff pops up and how it might be influencing how I’m meeting my present moment experience. As one mentor shared with me, when I was younger, “the gift of community is that we have an opportunity to be each others eyes and ears, in mutual solidarity, friendship and caring support.”

I’m usually not alone in facing my difficulties and challenges, unless I chose to be, understanding that my silence about what I’m growing though can be a version of self-harm. That’s the point of having telephone numbers, and meetings.

一Dignity and Grace

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