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Healing from the Addiction to Insecurity and Fear

Dharma (法) refers to meeting the natural path or way of Universal Loving Presence. In the context of recovery from active addiction, the invitation is intentionally aligning and harmonizing oneself with the natural flow of our values rather than fighting against them.

Addiction mind reflects unhealthy clinging, craving and attachment. When that occurs, suffering is the only option an insecure aspect mind offers us. It comes from thought mimicking feelings of dissatisfaction and the craving for control. Recovery requires letting go of attachment to unhealthy egoAI-driven behaviors that spontaneously arise from a mind-set that continuously argues against Love, due to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual insecurity.

A life guided by 'Zen-Mind, Beginners Mind' emphasizes acting in harmony with our values rather than reacting like a meat-puppet through the mind's insecurity. This involves attention, awareness, acceptance and compassion for oneself and others, free of self-condemnation and condemnation of others.

Practices like guided or silent meditation support calm abiding, end craving and align with the Dharma are foundational. Having a community of friends that are able to hold and treat us with compassion is essential. People that are indifferent to our existence or experiences aren't the safest people toward healing. We could be honest about that. Going deeper still, working with a therapist skilled in trauma related therapist can be extremely valuable as well. Many of us have battle scars and wounds that don't make us "victims" but interfere with out ability to for healthy relationships with ourself and others. Experiences like that are hard to address. A distorted sense of self cannot get out of the way of a distorted sense of self.

In my personal experience, I've noticed that working with and through the spiritual principle of Dharma consistently encourages wholeness, wholesomeness and interconnection. Recovery aided by self-honesty, open-mindedness and determined action can help us lean into our authenticity and integrity, which in turn helps others who are unsure, uncertain and mistrustful of themselves and others gain the courage to commit to a Way of Happiness that influences them to actively and intentionally end their own suffering and heal.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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