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Do You Have It

Zen Master Engo Kokugon ascended the high seat and said... “The heat of a fire cannot compare with the heat of the sun. The cold wind cannot compare with the coldness of the moon. A crane’s legs are naturally long and a duck’s legs are naturally short. A pine tree is naturally tall and straight, while brambles are crooked. Geese are white. Crows are black. Everything is manifested in this manner. When we completely comprehend This, then everywhere we go, naturally we are the host. Everything we meet will be the teaching. When we carry This staff, we are prepared to fight anywhere.

Do you have It? Do you have It? Do... you... have... It?

Nevertheless, if we simply know the procedures and aims of practical application of the Dharma (Limitless Grace) and carry on correctly from beginning to end, in each moment, we are already producing a lotus from within the fire."

This above said there's always greed, hatred, and delusion going on in the mind of human-beings... on a spectrum... because thinking is never in the present-moment... it lags... it can only follow and react. But when we give ourselves to our values and vow... and present moment experience, without being overly swayed by thinking... natural traits of Buddha-DNA... we can meet circumstances as Buddha rather than as befuddled bumpkin, without confusion.

Ideas are straight. The world is round. A messy mortal is my friend. We are lotuses walking and dancing through mud and fire. Please go straight on. Happy Day!

一We Are the Practice Itself

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