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Developing A Practice That's More Than A Cute Hobby

When the volume level of thought lowers, to somewhere around a .5 to 3...then there arises an authentic chance for freedom...and true choice.

This is why meditation, as more than just a cute hobby, is so vital. Meditation invites us to sit still, breathe from the hara, and observe from this grounded center. Until we learn this, we are mostly running on autopilot, without full awareness or agency.

By bringing awareness to present moment experience, we can wake up from being glorified "meat puppets" of habitual thinking and reacting, and reconnect with our deepest values and intentions.

A consistent and constant mindfulness meditation practice helps us gain a healthier and wiser relationship with the mind in our body, so we are not controlled by passing impulses and thoughts. With practice, we gain the space between stimulus and response - the womb where freedom and real choice can be born.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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