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Communication Breakdowns

What do most repetitive crises center around? Communication errors which lead to communication breakdowns.

These can manifest in various ways: a lack of clarity or directness... attempting to control how one's words are perceived... overwhelming others with excessive information to the point they can't respond effectively... speaking too quickly without checking for comprehension and asking, "What did you understand from what I said or did?"

Other errors can include deliberately withholding crucial information... intentionally spreading misinformation... distracted listening and being inattentive in the conversation... offering opinion rather than direct and lived experience... engaging in toxic communication that hinders healthy or productive outcomes... or simply being dishonest, such as not expressing our true needs and instead saying what we think others want to hear.

These are just a few examples I've encountered in my day-to-day interactions with others. As a meditation practice, wise communication is wise... as in using communication in healthy ways.

But how do we get there? That's our journey to navigate, often with the support of others. By investing the time and energy to lift and improve our communication, we can significantly reduce misalignments and misunderstandings in our relationships and, by extension, alleviate suffering.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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