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Choosing Love Over Indifference

We have made a wasteland of ourselves... society... and, by extension, the world. Being the apex predator on our planet, and humans having stripped the world of the antecedent of Love... as a result of greed, hatred, and delusion... born of our body, mouth, and thought... we have caused it to be and look exactly as it is... a selfish shit show of endless dimension universal suffering.

Please don't take my word for it. The invitation is to stop for 30 minutes and reflect on your life... the lives of others... look people in their eyes rather than their wallets, and utility to us. We could assess the objective reality and experiences of others. Talk to people instead of just engaging in the dialog with aspects of shallow self that leave you in conflict, because there's another aspect of self that we tend to ignore... that is a natural instinct for Love and wholeness... that whispers to us in our intuitive nature... that we often let down, as we're often slaves to our cravings and urges we attempt to keep secret. Consciously and intentionally move past the anxiety, shame, and guilt of the mind trying to hold you back from knowing unvarnished, unfiltered, unedited reality as REALITY.

That said, the only way to heal It, and improve our personal and shared condition is to stop procrastinating on our work... show up, wake up, and grow up; as a matter of cleaning up the mess we've made of ourselves, relationships, and the world. Rebellion for feeding selfish reactions and cravings is self and other terminating instead of self and other lifting. That's a verifiable, provable fact, exactly like gravity.

Perhaps this is why the first "paramita" in Buddhism is altruistic generosity... we're not hiding and hoarding internal and external resources. As it's expressed in Narcotics Anonymous... "We can only keep what we have by giving it away." Though it seems paradoxical, it's only through application that we can understand the reality and depth of the principle that we get how It... Love... works as a reality instead of a theory.

Rather than placing our center of gravity into shallow things like addiction to thinking and our blood-lust for control, money, power, brand prestige, and looking the part without actually being "the part..." we could anchor and go deep into sympathetic concentrated stillness... attentive mindfulness rather than distracted mindlessness... compassionate effort and energy... wise communication... sincere action... cultivating sincere intentionality with regard to healthy values... which could then give us a different perspective of our ourselves and each other that doesn't involve making ego our god, but rather Love with L.O.V.E. (Lots of Voluntary Effort). In essence, let's choose love over indifference.

一Make We Act In Love Rather Than Unlove

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