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Before I Am Dead

Reflect deeply in your heart on the ceaseless transformation of the world. It is not a matter of meditating using some provisional method of contemplation. It is not a matter of fabricating in our heads that which does not really exist. Ceaseless transformation rather than transaction is truly the reality right in front of our eyes.

We need not wait for some teaching from others, some proof from some passage of scripture, or some principle. Born in the morning and dead in the evening, a person we saw yesterday is no longer here today. These are the facts we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. This is what we see and hear about others. Applying this to our own bodies and reflecting on the Reality (of all things), though we expect to live for seventy or eighty years, we die when we must die. Please make no mistake. Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up! Before your body drops and there is nothing and no thing to pick it back up.

Zuimonki | Dogen Kigen Zenji

Calligraphy Note:

體 | Kātāchí or Tai | in the literal sense means surface reality or physicality. From the Mahayana Zen perspective, which is a 360° perspective Kātāchí or Tai reflects the essential nature or True self of a person rather than the representative self were usually schlepping around. It points to the fundamental reality that underlies all phenomena and experiences. It signifies the direct experience of one's true nature or Buddha-nature, which is beyond conceptual understanding represents the direct, experiential realization of one's True nature or the fundamental reality underlying all existence that is Universal Loving Presence.

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