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Arguing with Mind's Shadows: Resolving The Inner Conflict of Addiction

Addiction is like any other virus or parasite... it confuses the host into fighting its symptoms rather than dealing with what's actually causing the symptoms... dukkha... the mind's unstable relationship with itself, like a potters wheel turning out of balance which makes it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to create beauty… hence the term self-obsession being the core of the disease of addiction.

Addiction uses mind's exaggerated sense of itself sometimes known as the "fractured personality"... Thoughts reinforcing its own narratives aka "delusion"... to try and transcend the mind/ego, which guarantees that the mind/ego remains unchanged, along with the suffering it causes.

I mean come on… what was creating f*cktitional stories that could have the appearance of being so “loud” and overwhelming in our head? Was it happening in our hands... our feet... our eyes... our thoughts? Who the fu*k do you think you’re arguing with when you’re arguing with so-called “yourself?” Do you think it’s actually you or some sense of artificial self that’s representing itself as you, trying to beat you into submission and get you to obey its directives using guilt, shame, and blame?

Numerous times, especially in my teenage years. The mine was actually encouraging and pushing me even coercing me into five separate suicide attempts… Getting high… Trying to gain control of something… The reality that I was never gonna have control of, that, in truth, I get to be a part of. As, my friend says "Our the practice is to defy the lies of the mind," so that we have an opportunity to live authentic and REAL life, with Dignity… Grace… And integrity.

This is where Meditation practice comes in. Instead of dealing with the water and trying to fight the currents, coming out of the faucet or the hose… Just turn the water off and its source or at least turn it down, naturally resulting in a different experience. This is not my opinion, advice, or theory… This is my direct experience. The invitation is to engage in the consistent practice of meditative healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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